Mt.Fuji Cllection

photographer (1958-presenth)

ENDO spent his child years in Hakone, loves the beauty of nature and mountain climbing.
He learned photography at Tokyo University of photography.
After his graduation, he succeeded climbing Island peaks in the winter 1980.
When he returned to his country, he held an exhibition titled, 『Photography of Nepal and the Himalayasーthe blue sky, white clouds and folks ー』
1984-87 worked for Toshi Wakabayashi photo office.
1987- started working under contract for ATA co. Ltd. (All Takashimaya Advertising co. Ltd.)
1991-established his office, 『OASIS』.
He is now, one of the most famous advertising photographers in Japan.
In 2000, He was accepted as a メJapan advertising photographersユ Associationモ regular member.
In 2002, He founded a photo gallery next to his house named, 『Hakone museum of Photography』.
Taking photography of Mt. FUJI most of the mornings is his lifework.
The philosophy of ENDO Katsura
To give thanks to the sun, to have the courage to believe in oneself and spend oneユs life reaching for oneユs dreams. To have the pride in my destiny as a photographer and offer my work to the world.