Hakone Museum of Photography

Established in April 2002, The Hakone Museum of Photography is a small, private institution, founded by ENDO Katsura, A photographer who has lived his whole life in Hakone and who specializes in photographing Mt. FUJI. Situated among the Rich and Natural surroundings of the Gora area of Hakone and constructed of natural cypress wood, the building’s shape represents the sharp profile of Mt. BLANC. The permanent collection on the first floor consists of photographs depicting the ephemeral beauty of Mt. FUJI through the changing seasons, while the 2nd floor gallery is devoted to special exhibitions of work by up-and-coming photographers from both Japan and abroad including photographers affiliated with the museum.

Basic philosophy of the Hakone Museum of Photography We sincerely hope that we will help people recall their lost sensibilities here within the nature of Hakone.

[ACCESS by Train]

At Goura station you can walk 3 minutes up the sidewalk to the left of the cable car slope. The Hakone Museum of Photography is just 300m on your left. You can also take the cable car to the next station. You will see ticket machines for the cable car. Usually there is a station attendant standing next to the machine waiting to help you. You will need a ticket for \80. Next take the cable car one station to Koenshimo Station. Exit IMMEDIATE left towards the end of the platform. You will see a sidewalk next to the cable car tracks. Follow the side walk about 50 feet (15m) from the station platform. The Hakone museum of photograph is on your right side.

1300-432 Goura Hakonemachi Ashigarashimogun
Kanagawa,Japan, zip 250-0408